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Get rid of the long queue for the doctor’s appointment as Medicota, promises to handle all your resentment. Right from figuring out the consultation timing to the settlement of preferred date every aspect of doctor’s meeting is managed by us. And thus, with the ease of your comfort get the doctor’s appointment done from anywhere in India. Our pan India service connects is helpful for the one who cannot manage to visit the clinic often. Thus, with this effective connectivity, you can book your tickets to meet the doctor, as our assurance is the guarantee.


Our pathlab service caters to the series of tests. Moreover, there are tests which are required to be done at the specified and certified laboratories only. The problem arises when these tests have to be done on the regular basis and in the busiest schedule of your daily life booking the appointment is an issue. Thus, in order to provide the feasibility and access, the lab's centers allotted by us offers all kinds of tests with the application of advanced technology. The availability of the highly qualified doctors and scientific staff at each lab makes us in this sector.


Our enhanced delivery chain assists you in providing the medicines from any local medicine shop in the city at your doorstep. Inform us about the prescribed medicines and quantity and the medicine parcel reaches to your home every same day of your request. We fetch the best prices for the medicines. Without worrying about the other details, you can connect us for any type of medicine delivery as with right and correct billing and reasonable price the medicines reaches within no time.

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Connect with the best and reputed doctor by filling the basic details and get the chance to be treated with specialist and renowned doctors from any field without bothering about the appointment troubles.

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Fetching diagnosis results from the pioneered pathology centers is now a reality by booking the appointment at laboratory centers and reserve the date at the latest technological upgraded lab.

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Keeping the track record of the prescriptions and medical reports is a cumbersome task as it gets misplaced easily. Thus uploading of the medical documents makes it soothing and streamlines medical history.

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Medicota, a prestigious and recognized name in handling the medical information and tasks, holds the motive to serve people who are incapable of going rounds and rounds to the doctor’s clinic. With the only aspiration to bring about the ease in the people’s life, they offer services such as booking of the doctor’s appointment considering pan India, scheduling dates for the path labs and delivering medicines to the local residents.

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